The Rameau


devoted to the operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau

FOUNDED AND directed by Jonathan Williams, The Rameau Project is at the forefront of the UK resurgence of Rameau’s operas.

Beginning with the OAE premiere of Rameau’s Anacréon (1754), the project’s activities include the first UK Rameau opera studio recording since 1980 and the performance with eighteenth-century choreography of three Rameau operas at London’s South Bank, all with Jonathan and the OAE. Most recently, Jonathan has conducted both Les fêtes d’Hébé at the Opéra de Paris and at RCM and Dardanus, English Touring Opera’s first Rameau production. He is currently preparing an edition of Castor et Pollux and will conduct its UK premiere with the Rameau Project Orchestra in Oxford on 15 May 2022.


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