These four video extracts of the OAE’s performance of Zaïs at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 27 April 2014 illustrate Lalonger and Williams’ chapter ‘Music, dance and narrative in Rameau’s Zaïs: bringing the immortal back to life’ in Dance Research.

Extract no. 1: Prologue, sc. iii - an example of the role of dance in advancing the narrative.

Extract no. 2: Act I, sc. iii-iv - An example in context of Rameau's use of danse grotesque in an otherwise serious scene.
Extract no. 3: Act II, sc. iv - An example of Ballet figuré, where mimed action continues the narrative.

Extract no. 4: Act IV, sc. iv - Contredanse en rondeau [pour les Peuples et Génies élémentaires, Sylphes et Sylphides, Bergers et Bergères, Pâtres et Pastourelles, Plaisirs et Jeux]

Does anyone know what Dardanus is all about...!? 🙂

The Ouverture and Air, 'Cesse, cruel Amour', from the dress rehearsal of ETO's Dardanus, with Galina Averina as Iphise

The project video for Les fêtes d'Hébé, with Jonathan conducting at the Opéra de Bastille, Paris


Music Matters, Radio 3 (broadcast date: 26 April 2014)

Jonathan in discussion with Tom Service about the UK première of Rameau’s Zaïs. Listen on Sounds (from 32:35 onwards) here:

Who does John Hegley think he is?, Radio 4 (broadcast date: 8 & 12 July 2014)

Jonathan and Edith appeared on Radio 4 in early July to discuss Rameau with poet and performer John Hegley. John, who has long believed himself to be descended from Rameau, set out to discover the truth. We hear the fruits of this endeavour, what John thought of the OAE’s performance of Zaïs, and reflections through music and poetry of the inspiration John has found in his believed connection to his ancestor. You can hear this charming, witty and poignant journey here:



Rameau in rehearsal
Rehearsing Rameau
Rameau banner
Dancing Rameau
Rameau conference
Rameau Conference
Conducting Rameau
Conducting Rameau